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Tesslo is a fashion brand specialized in customized, high-quality, timeless and professionally-tailored pieces, both classic and avant-garde. The company was founded by Tessy Oliseh-Amaize in 2005 and currently operates as a virtual atelier based in New York.

The only daughter of a family of mostly footballers, Tessy left Nigeria for England in 2003 to study fashion at Middlessex University, London. She returned to Nigeria in 2005 to establish Tesslo after earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Design at Middlesex.

Banking on her vision for an enduring fashion brand, her creativity, qualification and versatility, Tessy took a bold plunge into the creative waters of fashion, starting the business as its pioneer Creative Director.

Barely a year after launching Tesslo, in 2006, Tessy emerged Winner of the Best Designer Award at the Nigeria Fashion Show (NFS) – a national talent competition that featured over 125 contestants.

The Tesslo brand represents a fusion of glocal aesthetics inspired by historical and emerging fashion trends across diverse cultures.

Tesslo designs are produced with quality and sustainability in mind. You can own them for years and pass them on to your children.

Tesslo targets creating outfits for business professionals, vintage shoppers, independent minded fashionistas, entertainers and celebrities. Several prominent personalities and celebrities have been dressed by Tesslo – a testimony to the brand’s dedication to craft and excellence in over sixteen years of existence.

The Tesslo brand logo is the giraffe. The giraffe is a graceful and elegant animal that stands heads and shoulders above other animals in the animal kingdom. Giraffes by nature are not arrogant but naturally become the center of attraction. Tesslo draws a lot from the giraffe and this reflects in its style and brand character.

Designs by Tesslo have been showcased at several fashion shows from Lagos to Paris to Washington DC.

Tessy is married to Ohimai Amaize, a Nigerian journalist. In June 2019, they were forced into exile in the United States when Ohimai was targeted by the Nigerian government for his journalistic work as a TV presenter. Tessy and Ohimai were granted asylum in the United States in January 2020.

Undaunted by the circumstances, Tessy is currently rebuilding Tesslo from scratch and managing the brand as a handmade fashion start-up based in New York. ‘Big Apple’, the brand’s first collection in the United States was 100% handmade by Tessy herself—a reflection of the Tesslo brand’s commitment to sustainability as the future of fashion.

A passionate advocate of craftsmanship, Tessy believes that a fashion designer should be able to conceptualize their designs, cut their patterns and get on the sewing machine to get the job done.

Since 2014, Tessy and Ohimai have modeled outfits by Tesslo. They currently publish @fashioncouplenewyork – a fashion blog on Instagram.

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